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Frank van Ansem

The images of Frank van Ansem call for confusion. The situations he paints are bizarre, unreal fragments from memory, reality and found footage. Several truths and lies are constructed to an image in which man is seeking for something. What is not clear.

His images he derives partly from memory, partly from mass media ( such as newspapers, magazines and internet) and partly from the art scene itself. His antennae are always looking for images which he can exploit and / or manipulate in order to feed his own visual language. Thus it is possible that paintings by other artists are appearing on the walls of his rooms. These odes to the art scene are a result of his passion for collecting strange pictures. Frank plays with styles, he does not feel bound to always painting in the same way.

Sometimes he paints picturesque, poetic, dreamy and mysterious.
Sometimes he tapes everything with tape and everything is tight and hard.
Sometimes these different ways of working come together in a painting.

What makes Frank's paintings recognizable are the colors and the depicted scenery. His roots are clearly recognizable for the graffiti and sticker-scene of Eindhoven. By his very own of associating ability, he creates a clear agreement with the current Zeitgeist, in which man is wandering in his own world. Besides painting, sketching and drawing, Frank writes poems and makes artists books ( unique or in small runs ).

Frank van Ansem
Frank van Ansem